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Relics are a special item that can be traded on the market or used to increase a specific trade skill. You can find them through random global drops, tournaments, scouting or through using a key.

Relics can be invested into specific tradeskills by going into the action menu for that specific trade skill. The cost per single unit goes up by 1 relic for every unit purchased. Bulk purchases cost the same as buying them on a 1 by 1 basis.

You can invest them as follows:

Experience: Edit

Increases experience for every action performed while using this tradeskill by 0.2 per investment. Best to invest to X.6 due to rounding as of right now.

Resources: Edit

Increases T1 resources gained by 0.015 per investment. This boost is lightly better than workforce or levels, but it doesn't really pay off until you have invested quite a bit into it. Also has diminishing returns at higher tiers.

Workload: Edit

The simplest relic investment, adds +3 to you workload per investment. More idle time, if that's what you like.

Drop +: Edit

Adds (multiplicative) 0.5% to the global drop rate per investment. For instance, if you had 100% drop+, (which costs 20,100 relics to invest to that level), and the global drop rate was 1/3000, it would now be 2/3000.

Res. Luck: Edit

Adds a % chance to each tier to find resources of each tier per investment, with diminishing returns at higher tiers. For instance, +6% Res luck gives T1 6%, T2 4%, T3 2.7%, T4 1.8% and T5 1.2%. This stacks with any kingdom bonus.

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