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Navigation is the newest addition to the game. You can get your own island, build different kinds of buildings on it, you can search for treasures, upgrade your boat, sail, and crew for better treasures. There are a lot of things in here, and it might confuse you at first, but don't worry. We got you.

Beginning Edit

When you first come into the navigation screen, you can see 5 buttons. Let's start from the bottom. You can see your boat level, sail level and crew level, and the cost to upgrade them. They give some different boosts such as the quality of your searches, the speed of your searches and the effectiveness (chance to success) They have one thing in common. All boosts increase your SP gain, which is the currency you use to buy the searches for treasures and private islands. SP is capped to 10 000, so better stay online and spend it on naval expeditions!

Boat Edit

The crew increases the effectiveness

Sail Edit

The sail increases the speed

Crew Edit

The boat increases the quality

Searching for Treasures Edit

Searching for a treasure will bring you resources back. It drops pretty much anything. Gems, keys, res bags, ME, gold and a combo of orbs and scrolls. 

Drop Rates Edit

Coming soon

Searching for Private Islands Edit

Searching for a private island will, of course, find an island, but it will also find citizens and sometimes special chests. You will need to have a gambling post to store these chests though.

Private Islands Edit

You can also search for a private island. There are four different types of tiles an Island can have. Each type of tile can have different buildings that can be built on them. You can have more than one of each type of tile on an island, but you can't have more than 7 tiles or build the same building more than once. It will cost 1 billion gold to move to the island If you manage to succeed and find one

Types of tiles Edit

Grey Edit

You can build a Beacon here

Green Edit

You can build a Scout Hut, Lumber Hut, Gathering Hut, Combat Hut, Res. Imbuer and a Training Hall here

Yellow Edit

You can build a Merchant Hut, Miner Hut, Fishing Hut, Gambler Post and Warp Totem here

Blue Edit

Blue tiles are water tiles and can't be build on.

What do the buildings do? Edit

Huts Edit

A toggle bonus that sacrifices 20% WL for 20% more EXP. Each upgrade gives an additional 5% increase in necessary WL for 5% more EXP. Gathering Hut gives gathering EXP, lumber  hut gives woodcutting EXP etc.

Gambler Post Edit

Makes you able to open special chests.You can always open a normal chest worth 1 key, and gives about similar rewards as opening normal keys. It also offers you special chests every day. At level 1, 2 chests with an 89% chance of bronze 10% chance of silver and 1% chance of gold. Each upgrade increases the chance of a silver chest by 3% and a gold chest by 1. You also get an additional chest each 3 levels. 

The bronze chest costs 2 keys. The silver chest costs 5 keys and the gold chest costs 10 keys. Silver and Gold chests have a chance to drop Miden shards. 

Warp Totem Edit

Reduces the time to wait between warps

Res. Imbuer Edit

Makes you able to convert resources from one tier to another over time for magic elements.

Training Hall Edit

Makes you able to automatically train combat skills for gold. Each level increases the attempts/minute by one.

Beacon Edit

Increases the amount of active building you can have at the same time and increase the amount of citizen found on other islands.

Each upgrade gives you an additional 15% citizens found and every 5 levels it increases the amount of toggles you can have with one.

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