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Global Quests are quests everyone can participate in. There is right now only 1 global quest, but hopefully more will get added to the game. Completing a global quest gives 15 minutes global bonus time and some rewards depending on the quest.

Lost Princess Edit


This is how the start of the quest looks.

"Princess Maria ran away and we offer xx gold and xx gems to the one who finds her."

It is now your job to find the Princess. There will come a new button In the "Seach" page named "Search" That will look if the princess is close to you. It looks in a radius of 100 tiles (Can be boosted with the P. Finder enchant ), if the princess is outside the 100 tiles will you get back "Nobody saw the princess. (She is more than 100 tiles away)" You need to continue until you get your first clue which is closer than 100 tiles. It will keep saying that until you get down to 25 tiles, then 10 tiles, then 5 tiles, and then it won't say more until you find her.


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